01. Many car drivers in Sweden turn on their headlights during the day in order to be more [visible] to other drivers.
02. Discrimination against [visible] minorities exists in every culture.
03. [Visibility] was poor during the snowstorm, so traffic was proceeding very slowly.
04. The ocean is just barely [visible] from our house.
05. The child was making a [visible] effort to keep from crying after being knocked down by a bully.
06. I wear a bright green windbreaker while bicycling because it makes me highly [visible] to car drivers.
07. Most of the planets in our solar system are [visible] to the unaided eye.
08. Jason was [visibly] upset when he found out that he had not been accepted into the university.
09. It has been suggested that [visible] goodwill is the strongest negotiation strategy.
10. There is an Ethiopian proverb which notes that an unhappy look is [visible], but not an unhappy heart.
11. The Andromeda galaxy, which is about 12 billion billion miles away, is the most distant object [visible] to the naked eye.
12. The average meteor, though brilliantly [visible] in the night-time sky, is no larger than a grain of sand.
13. When we look at the farthest [visible] star, we are looking 4 billion years into the past.
14. Studies conducted by the University of California and Mercedes-Benz found bright yellow and bright blue are the safest and most [visible] colors for cars.
15. [Visible] for miles, the original Hollywood sign read "Hollywoodland," and was lit up by 4,000 lights.
16. Someone once joked, "How do you tell when you're out of [invisible] ink?"
17. Before backing up your car, it is a good idea to give a warning tap on your horn if [visibility] is limited.
18. Difficult weather conditions can be hazardous for drivers because [visibility] is often reduced.
19. Someone once suggested that the love and forgiveness in your heart are more [visible] to others than any of us can possibly imagine.
20. The law in this country states that bicycle headlights must be [visible] from up to 150 yards.
21. In the Bahamas, the sand of the beaches is fine and white, and is [visible] beneath the shallow crystal clear waters for several meters out to sea.
22. The Nazca lines in the desert of Peru form patterns that are only properly [visible] from the air.
23. Jean Cocteau once remarked, "I love cats because I love my home, and little by little they become its [visible] soul."
24. Bilbo's magic ring made him [invisible], so he was able to steal the dragon's treasure without being seen.
25. With its white fur, the polar bear was almost [invisible] against the snow.
26. With its ability to change color to blend in with its background, the chameleon is able to achieve a state nearing [invisibility].
27. Only the lower part of our Earth's atmosphere is [visible], in the form of the clouds we see floating in our sky.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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